My Last Thought Before I Succumb to Sleep is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt added by the Blood and Wine expansion. It was written by Regis as a kind of personal journal.

Journal entry Edit

My last thought before falling asleep
"If there is no death, does life exist?"
"Hate is a very interesting feeling. I have noticed that people improve themselves with it to great effect."
"Sometimes I would like to stop thinking."
"If we were to create a god as the humans have, what would he be like?"
People justify bad deeds by good intentions. I'm not sure if there is greater idiocy".
"I would drink the freshly squeezed blood of an infant. I know I can't, but I hope that its velvety taste will send me to sleep."
"I strive to live like a person, and it means that I have ceased to feel good among people as well as among my own. Maybe I made a big mistake."
"I have always wanted to write: I am very tired and fuck it all."
"People don't think about the present. They usually remember old times or worry about the future."
"I have a feeling that my friend Dettlaff will die. I am sad."