This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) mini-mod.

Download this Mod from Witcher Nexus. This mod will enable the Witcher to move anywhere between 15%-25% faster than normal:

Faster Movement Mod

  • Note: The above mod is out of date and changes many of the default values. Whether or not the values matter is still yet to be known. They do change the key value that needs to be changed and detailed below, though, so it is still a somewhat effective plug and play mod. However, the game may be more stable just focusing on the single key value that needs to be changed.

The movement speeds are governed by this 2DA files:

  • \DATA\2DA00.BIF\moverates.2da

Note that this mod changes only the speed you move — not the speed you fight!

Also note that these files do not actually exist in your installation folder. You will need to extract the BIF files using third-party applications.

You will need to edit these files. Before you do, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the 2DA format article under the file formats category.

You need to modify the moverates.2da file, so open it up in the editor of your choice (this file is medium size, but Notepad should be still enough). Take a look at these lines:

Label default walk run walkdrn cf_pain02_walk cf_fear02_run walkb
0 Default 1.7 1.52 3.22 1.55 1.2 2.6 1.52
1 chr_geralt 1.7 1.54 3.30 1.55 1.2 2.6 1.52
0 Default seems to affect movement around dungeons and most characters in the game. 1 chr_geralt seems to affect Geralt's speed walking around Vizima. The default column won't change anything. Focus on columns walk and beyond. You can adjust the speeds any way you like. The example below is doubled. After it is done, the line should look like this:
Label default walk run walkdrn cf_pain02_walk cf_fear02_run walkb
0 Default 1.7 3.04 6.44 3.10 2.4 4.12 3.04
Save the file with the same name and put it in the \DATA\OVERRIDE directory.

There is no need to start a new game; just load a saved game and enjoy your mini-mod.

See how it feels and experiment with new values as you like.