Mount Gorgon, also known as "Devil Mountain" is the highest peak in the Amell range most of time covered by fog. The river Sansretour flows near the peak, beneath which the road running between Belhaven and Beauclair lies a short distance away. The elven cemetery of Tir ná Béa Arainne is found in a cave there.

History Edit

In the year 782, a pogrom of nonhumans took place on the slopes of the mountain, in which Divethaf, the last elven king of Toussaint, died fighting alongside his remaining soldiers. This occurrence came exactly one year after Divethaf surrendered to Ludovic, the first human king of Toussaint.[1]

Blood and Wine expansion Edit

The highest mountain of Toussaint is a major location in the second expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, looming over the entirety of the region. However, it is not accessible.

Notes & references Edit

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