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Moritz Diefenthel was a sorcerer and an old acquaintance of Triss Merigold's, who he originally tried to pursue when they first met but with no luck.

If Geralt does A Matter of Life and Death: In 1272, he bumped into Triss once more, but this time in the company of Geralt at the masquerade ball at the Vegelbud residence. However, he appeared disgruntled seeing Triss there and when the sorceress offered for him to join her and the other fleeing mages, he outright refused help from one he saw as a "lame duck" leading the group. Later on Triss revealed she believed it wasn't that he didn't like her but that he'd rather be in charge than have Triss as his leader.

Due to his refusal to join the other mages, Moritz was later found by the witch hunters and a pyre was set up just outside Glory Gate to burn him alive.

If Geralt doesn't intervene at the burning pyre: Moritz was subsequently killed.
If Geralt intervenes at burning pyre: the witcher saved Moritz from being burned at the stake and the mage went and found the other fleeing mages.
If Geralt does Now or Never: Moritz was able to flee with the rest to Kovir.

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