Disambig-icon.png This article is about the character in The Witcher (PC). For the similarly named character in the novels, see Morénn.
Morenn is a dryad from Brokilon, whom Geralt meets in the Druids' grove while exploring the Swamp. She will not say why she is there, though, saying it is a secret. If pushed, she will say that she is "taking the chance to visit this grove of old, beautiful trees".

Like other dryads, her only cloth consists of some decorative bracalets and necklaces. So she prefers to appear completely nude, leaving her breasts, buttocks and genitals exposed.

Later on, she can reveal that to Geralt that dryads do not raise boys, only girls. The witcher also learns that normally, dryads only have sex for procreation, which leaves our poor witcher with not much to offer being sterile. Never being one to give up easily, Geralt does finally come up with a convincing argument and the nakedness does eventually ensue.

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"I got a lesson in the customs of the forest dryads. I must admit they differ from a way I like."

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  • Even though the model and the texture is the same, the Naiad inhabiting the shallows of the Lakeside is not Morenn.
  • As long as A Lost Lamb has not been completed, Geralt can always go back to have sex with Morenn in exchange for a Wolf pelt. Warning: Reporting back to Vaska will remove the option to acquire her romance card.
  • In Chapter 2, you will lose the option of giving her the Wolf pelt, if you had the Wolf pelt during the initial conversation and did not manage to successfully give her the pelt (by placing another object in the drop box). Leaving the area, selling the wolf pelts and re-entering the zone even a day later in addition to slaying more wolves for pelts does not seem to help.
  • If Geralt accepts the quest Force Recon from Siegfried and then leads the Order scouts into the druids' grove, Morenn and the druids will become frightened and back off. If the scouts come too close to Morenn, they will strike her down (she "resurrects" later).
  • If you didn't acquire A Lost Lamb quest, you will lost the chance to romance her.

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