Molnar Giancardi is a dwarf and the owner of the bank in Gors Velen. He and his family owe a great obligation to Yennefer, as she helped them during the pogrom in Vengerberg. Because of this, Molnar provides assistance to the sorceress in any way he can. He stores and delivers letters to Yennefer, and offers her unlimited credit with no interest.

Just before the banquet on Thanedd Island, he makes a 1,500 oren donation to the Temple of Melitele in Ellander, makes an anonymous 2,000 Novigradian crown payment to the school of Aretuza for Ciri's tuition, and provides Yennefer with a banker's draft worth 500 crowns, all done at the request of Yennefer herself. He also offers to cancel a debt worth 100 crowns incurred by Geralt in Dorian, but Yennefer objects and instead proposes that he raise the payment for Geralt's contract in Hirundum.