Molly was Baroness Maria Louisa La Valette's maid around 1272.

Dandelion describes her with following words in his "planner":

Though well she knows the touch of silk and lace,
she shuns not straw when gripped in lust's embrace.

Biography Edit

If Geralt killed Aryan La Valette: Molly was working as Maria Louisa's maid when Aryan died and Maria's nephew came to pay his respects. However, he got one glance of Molly and the two were wed soon after and she was given the formal name, Lady la Attard. Her husband now awaited his inheritance as, with Aryan dead, he was next in line to inherit the estate.

Molly quit her job as Maria's maid and took up an interest in horse racing. Her husband was also more than happy with Molly's friendship with Dandelion as he viewed it as making her more "sophisticated".

If Geralt spared Aryan La Valette: Molly worked as Maria's maid but was currently "on loan" to Patricia Vegelbud sometime in 1272.

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References Edit

  1. Alternatively written as "Lady l'Attard"