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Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

We've hit gold, old friend. Not only have we sold all of our stock – we have sold it for three times its cost! Our customer wants it all – wine from Beauclair (everything from Beaujolais Nouveau to the oldest vintages, white, red, rosé... you name it), catoblepas meat, pickled beef, pepper, cinnamon, cloves... I'm telling you, old friend, everything!
There's one catch, however: we must deliver the goods to Velen, to a village called Midcopse. I know, I know – dangerous, what with the war and all, but think of the coin! I've managed to secure a pass that will get you across the Pontar. Then it's just a hop, skip and a jump and you're there. You'll be fine!
P.S. We'll split the proceeds 50/50.

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