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During the making of The Witcher and the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, there were several characters and creatures that did not make the final cut, but which might possibly appear in future sequels.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

NPCs Edit

  • Bogut Kuternoga, who seems to be the basic "fence" sketch. The sources of the items he sells including weapons, armor and jewelry are very suspicious. He would have wandered the streets of Vizima having no fixed address. "Kuternoga" translates to "lame duck".
  • Boholt
  • Kristina, who appears to be some sort of female warrior.
  • Maggot, or the "Beggar King", originally conceived as one of the "most respected" beggars in Vizima. He is extremely smart and crafty, and most importantly, knows almost all the inhabitants of the city.
  • Halfar and Franz Kniprode, two characters that appeared only in 2004 E3 demo of the game and were replaced.

Creatures Edit

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was announced on February 4, 2013, and wasn't released until over 2 years later, following two delays. Unsurprisingly for such a titanic title, the project went through some growing pains as the developers endeavoured to balance their colossal creative ambitions with technical and temporal constraints.

NPCs Edit

  • Inquisitor, who was likely later changed to Graden, moral witch hunter who was supposed to appear in Velen and there was a quest, where at end you should chose if he survive or die.
  • False Cirilla, she had to appear on Skellige Isles, and use also another name - "Becca". It is not precised if it's her real name or another alias.
  • Hvitr, child with minor mental disabilities. He was originally going to make an appearance in a deleted Skellige main quest called thralls.
  • Hector Krafft Ebbing, a character that was supposed to appear in secondary quest in Novigrad, even had an voice actor but was because of unknown reson cut from final.
  • Iorveth, one of main character from second game, was supposed to appear in one of cellars in Novigrad with his unit and meeting him was to be simmlar to that in Assassins of Kings meaning he would play lute, however the quest was cancelled.

Creatures Edit

  • Bone-grinder
  • Corpse-eater

Notes & references Edit

  1. Likely later changed to Sylvan.