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Tw2 poster wewantyouforthearmy

Recruiting poster: Enlist in the army !

The Forces of Temeria is an army with old, hallowed traditions. This army has fought against almost every Northern Kingdom such as Redania (most prominently), Kaedwen, Aedirn and rebels in Cidaris (during Ethain's reign on Cidaris and Foltest of Temeria) as well as the Nilfgaardian Empire in all three wars.

In case of numbers, during the early weeks of 2nd Northern-Nilfgaard War about 25 thousand men were recruited in name of silver lilies, but they had only brief training (which caused the defeat at the Battle of Maribor). Also the core of Nordling forces during Brenna was formed from almost 17 thousand Temerians.

At the end of second conflict with the empire, the kingdom had 45 thousand veterans, a force of worthy soldiers that Foltest later used to protect and secure his lands after the Peace of Cintra. The Supreme commander of combined forces of realm is, in monarchy military heritage right the after King, is the Constable of Temeria.

Armies Edit

  • 1st Temerian Army
  • 2nd Temerian Army[1]

Special forces Edit

COA White Rose

Knights of the White Rose Edit

Main article: Order of the White Rose Edit

The first introduced special forces in service of the Foltest realm are the Knights of the White Rose. they were supposed to protect common people and spread the belief in the forefather Kreve. Years had gone by and they ultimately became but shadows of their own. They were in need for new leader and they received what they had asked for - Jacques de Aldersberg.

Herb Zakon Płonącej Róży

Knights of the Flaming Rose Edit

Main article: Order of the Flaming Rose Edit

Due to Jacques' reorganized and reformed Order, they seemingly became more religious and more loyal to the King and the Country. After they moved to Redania, they were replaced by Blue Stripes.

COA City guard

Vizimian City Guard Edit

Main article: City Guard Edit

Vizima - as the Capital of the entire realm and the largest city in the North after Novigrad (which has its own unit of loyal and experienced soldiers. Ready and eager to die for their city). Their leader is (secretly a werewolf) Vincent Meis.[2]

Flag Blue Stripes

Blue Stripes special forces Edit

Main article: Blue Stripes Edit

The Blue stripes is an elite Temerian Special Forces military unit headed by Vernon Roche. The unit consists of dauntless swashbucklers, interrogation specialists, noiseless scouts – all of whom are extremely loyal to their leader, their country and their king.

Other units Edit


Clash between two noble-borned knights

Knights Edit

Main article at: Knight Edit

Knight is a person granted an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the Monarch or country, especially in a military capacity. Since humanity in Witcher universe strongly resembles Medieval Europe, there are a lot of knights in the witcher world.

Brutes Edit

Brutes, are heavy armored knights (like two you met in Castle la Valette during the Witcher 2) in plate armour used to crush through enemy like redanian Landsknechts.

Soldiers Edit

Charge at brenna by thepwa-d5e6k0a (1)

charge of wealthier soldiers

Normal soldiers taken from city and village inhabits during times of war, those who studied some sort of war academy or are wealthier can get to some more or less prestige unit, those who sucks are left in PFI (Poor Fucking Infantry).

Crossbowmens Edit

Norman Sador1

Royal Temerian crossbowmen (Norman Sador)

Temerian crossbowmens are (after that ones from Lyria and Rivia) one of best in Northern Kingdoms. Apart from the crossbow, they were equipped with a dagger, a light metal helmet and gorget. Commanders of the companies usually came from the noble families of the city.

Landsknechts Edit

Main article at: Landsknechts Edit

In the Witcher saga, they are the finest armored division of the Royal Temerian Army. They were troops equipped with halberds, pikes and two-handed swords.

Artilery Edit

Trebuchets Edit


trebuchet (French trébuchet) is a type of catapult that was used as a siege engine. It is sometimes called a counterweight trebuchet or counterpoise trebuchet. Temerians are one of best in North when it comes to siege.

Ballista Edit


Plural ballistae, was an ancient missile weapon that launched a large projectile at distant target, Foltest also give one to baroness La Valette on her birthday.[3]

Siege towers Edit

Siege tower or breaching tower (or a Belfry) is a specialized siege engine, constructed to protect assailants and ladders while approaching the defensive walls of a fortification. The tower was often rectangular with four wheels with its height roughly equal to that of the wall or sometimes higher to allow archers to stand on top of the tower and shoot into the fortification. We can see temerian type during siege of La Valette.

Suporters Edit

COA Mahakam2

Mahakam Volunteer Army Edit

Main article at: Mahakam Volunteer Army Edit

The Mahakam Volunteer Army was a dwarven infantry unit. They were Mahakam's contribution to the war effort against war the Nilfgaardian Empire. Those who signed up did not expect to come back. They were given the suicide missions not the ones which might win the war.

Dwarf by 2blind2draw


Hrb unof Angren

Angren Free Company Edit

Main article at: Angren Free Company Edit

The Angren Free Company, unit of patriots and bandits, remnants of military troops of former Soddeni province Angren, helping (like Redanian or Koviri Free Companies) and supporting common royal troops of Nordlings during conflicts against Nilfgaard under leadership of Abergard - of course for moneys.

Free Slopes Edit

Main article at: Free Slopes Edit

Free Slopes began as an anti-Nilfgaard movement in the vicinity of Belhaven. It had as its goal to liberate the Slopes from Nilfgaardian rule, but blossomed into an armed group. They wanted all of Sodden liberated.

Poor Fucking Infantry Edit

Main article at: Poor Fucking Infantry Edit

The Poor Fucking Infantry, or PFI was an infantry division under command of duke Bronibor, consisting of conscripts and volunteers that lacked any relevant combat, riding or archery experience. It recruited in Vizima during the war with Nilfgaard.

Fleet Edit

Tw2 journal prisonbarge

Temeria, as a monarchy with very litle of coast, actually only Acorn Bay, Pontar valley and Yaruga, the fleet is used only as escort of merchant ships or as prison barges (such as Blue Stripes ship in The Witcher 2) and also noblemans use it to quick travel by the river, not like Kovir, Redania, Cidaris or Skellige that are keeping a good armored and suplied admiralty.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

  1. In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, mentioned it was led by both Roche and Natalis
  2. In the Witcher (first PC game)
  3. In the Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings (second game)

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