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Lyria with Aedirn issued about 13 thousand soldiers, including 3 thousand cavalry. In the early days of the invasion 1/5 of these forces were cut off in the forts and fortresses.

Special forces Edit

Aedirn Special Forces Cockade

cockade of special forces

Main article: Aedirn Special Forces Edit

The Kingdom of Aedirn indeed had Special Forces that were a group created by king Demawend III of Aedirn to fight the Scoia'tael. Their weapons of choice were black, gold and red bows, but they carried other weapons as well. They were lead by Rayla (after she ended her career as a captain for Aedirn, she became mercenary and was hired for example by Order of the Flaming Rose).

History Edit

2nd Nilfgaard-Northern War (novels) Edit


Ghosts of soldiers from first pontar war

Part of the remaining troops had been withdrawn to defend the wing against light cavalry and Scoia'tael. The remaining army was about 6 thousand. 1,200 soldiers and knights, were beaten in Aldersberg. The current state of the armed forces of Lyria and Rivia may be determined at approximately 8 thousand: Infantrymen who fought as a diversionary force during the last war with Nilfgaard. King Demawend III was also known as tactical genius.

Wars for Pontar Valley (novels - The Witcher 2) Edit


Dwarves of Vergen

While the Empire of Nilfgaard and Kingdom of Kaedwen made pact dividing Aedirn between each other, some troops of Demawend III took refuge in Hagge, where they were backed by the deposits of armies of Temeria and Redania. This part of the troops took part in the battle of Brenna and Aldersberg.

In The Witcher 2, Aedirn army is defeated by the peasantry. In Vergen under command of Saskia is approximately 200 dwarves, half a thousand peasants, 53 knights and 200 military troops and 100 Scoia'tael.

3rd Nilfgaard-Nordling War (The Witcher 3) Edit

During the 3rd Nilfgaard-Nordling War, Aedirn is conquered by Nilfgaard and the army crushed very quickly.

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