Mikah was a peasant from White Orchard. In the May of 1272, he and his friend, Dromle, were having a drink at the white orchard inn when Geralt and Vesemir passed through in their search for Yennefer.

If Geralt approaches the two: Dromle showed obvious contempt towards the witcher, telling Geralt to leave and how he was ruining their drink and Mikah joined in with some insults of his own.

If Geralt uses Axii on Mikah: Mikah, under the influence of Axii, answered Geralt that they hadn't seen or heard of such a woman. Dromle tried to attract attention form the others over this witchcraft but quieted down when Geralt threatened him.
If Geralt simply presses on them to answer: Dromle finally answered the question, stating they haven't seen or heard of such a woman.

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  • Speaking to Mikah and Dromle is completely optional, as speaking to Gaunter O'Dimm, is the only patron required to speak to Geralt to advance the quest.