The Redanian Countess Mignole was a business acquaintance of dwarven banker Vimme Vivaldi, an avid collector of Vedyminaica, and a former flame of master witcher Vesemir.

Geralt can meet her during an auction at the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House in Oxenfurt in the Hearts of Stone expansion. She is also the only known source of Viper armor diagrams in the game.

The countess asks Geralt to help her search for her earring out on the balcony as a ruse to talk with him privately to ask if he knew Vesemir. Geralt can first ask in turn her relationship with Vesemir. As she recalls, she met Vesemir when he took a contract on a fleder and began an affair with him. Eventually, when her father found out, forcing Vesemir to flee, leaving his gambeson behind, Vesemir received an arrest warrant on his head and Mignole was forcibly married off. After her husband died young, Mignole was left with a sizeable fortune.

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