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  • Hey, I think you might remember me, I asked a question about the witcher about a month ago. I need some more help now. I am reading the fifth book where Yennefer takes Geralt to the meeting of mages. Geralt meets Djikstra and Vilgefortz. Wasnt Djikstra supposed to capture Geralt of something ? I mean they pretty much act like nothing happened at the meeting. Also Vilgefortz was trying to get Geralt killed, he could of do it at the meeting somehow no ? Maybe using a poison or something. The last thing I dont understand is, how do they know that Ciri is alive ? Wasnt Codringher supposed to spread a rumouor shes dead ? 

    I will apprecite any help :)

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    • I recommend reading the books, then skipping w1, straight to Witcher 2:Assassins of Kings, and then Witcher 3. Much would be clearer this way. w2 and w3 are the events after the seventh book.

      Both two last games have new characters also.

      W1 is good, but it is mainly based on "The Last Wish".

      Enjoy :)

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    • Thank you a lot :) Would I be behind a lot if I would not play Wither 3 ? :)

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  • Would you be that good and ... I dont know help wikia sometimes ? Like editing. I would be very thankfull :)

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    • The block quote is the only one that appears...Where do I find the BigQuote_

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    • While editing you have in upp = Insert than Template and search BigQuote and finished.

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  • thx for kind  words 

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