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Other help pages can be found via Help:Contents

Why is this merchants page using templates?Edit

The merchants page is using Template:Merchants to:
  • keep price information on the merchant pages and the item pages consistent.
If items are inserted, updated or removed in the price list of a merchant, this information is changed 'automagically' on the corresponding item pages. A detailed explanation of how this magic works can be found here.

How can I add a merchant to the merchants page?Edit

# Insert a new line in the list of merchants where the merchant to insert belongs to keep the list alphabetically ordered.
  1. On the new line fill in the new merchant like the existing ones.
  2. Renumber the merchants below the new one.
  3. Publish the page.
  4. Check the result.

How can I remove a merchant from the merchants page?Edit

# Delete the containing the name of the merchants.
  1. Renumber the merchants below the deleted one.

How to increase the maximum number of merchants?Edit

# Edit Template:Merchants.
  1. Search for "merchant 00" to find the begin of a list of code lines.
  2. Extend the list, make sure all merchants have an unique number and no numbers are skipped.
  3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all lists are extended.
  4. Publish the template.
  5. Check the result.

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