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Melusine is a very old and very powerful Ekhidna living in a large complex of caves near the village of Svorlag, located in the Skellige isles. This creature is presumably so powerful that islanders have began a cult worshipping her.

Bestiary entry Edit

I... I saw a shadow... Great wings, like a cloud passin' o'er the sky. Then I heard him scream.
— Britt of Svorlag
In the mountain near the village of Svorlag in Skellige lies an enormous complex of caves. For many centuries they were given a wide berth on account of the bloodthirsty ekhidna known as Melusine who had made them into her lair.
Melusine was a beast so powerful some islanders worshipped her as a semi-divine being. The witcher, however, harbored no such delusions. He knew she was an extremely powerful monster – but a monster all the same. This meant she could be killed. To do so, he would need the highest quality bolts, a solid silver blade – and a steady hand.

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The Witcher 3 Melusine the Siren (Hard Mode)01:22

The Witcher 3 Melusine the Siren (Hard Mode)

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