Meditations on Life, Happiness and Prosperity is a philosophical treatise written by Nicodemus de Boot, first rector of the Oxenfurt Academy.

Excerpts Edit

Intolerance and superstition has always been the domain of the more stupid amongst the common folk and, I conjecture, will never be uprooted, for they are as eternal as stupidity itself. There, where mountains tower today, one day there will be seas; there where today seas surge, will one day be deserts. But stupidity will remain stupidity.
pg.43, Blood of Elves (UK edition)
Murder is always murder, regardless of motive or circumstance. Thus those who murder or who prepare to murder are malefactors and criminals, regardless of who they may be: kings, princes, marshals or judges. None who contemplates and commits violence has the right to consider himself better than an ordinary criminal. Because it is in the nature of all violence to lead inevitably to crime.
pg.211, Blood of Elves (UK edition)