Maximilian Borsodi was, together with his brother, one of two founders of the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House, at that time placed on the Novigrad's main square. At some point in his life, he sired two sons Ewald and Horst. He also had some kind of friendship with dwarven banker Vimme Vivaldi.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

"Haha, ahem. Name's a historical legacy, Geralt. Auction house was founded by two brothers, Horst's father and an uncle. In this generation--"
- Vimme Vivaldi, to Geralt, Hearts of Stone

Maximilian was born in Redania and had at least one other brother, who was close to him. At the beginning of their career, brothers traded with sheep and horses being able to afford a shed in the outskirts of the city. In forty-two years, however, they managed to rise in wealth so much that their auction house became largest and most reputable in the Northern Realms, located on the main square in an impressive three-story building. They also employed Abner de Navarette.[1]

Fatherhood and death Edit

"Anything, everything we earned you squandered on cards and whores! Father didn't see that! I did!"
- Horst Borsodi, to his brother Ewald, Hearts of Stone

Maximilian was aware to some extent of the hostility his sons had for each other, as he had included an unusual clause in his will which he probably hoped would force the brothers to repair their relationship, or at the absolute minimum cooperate and coexist with each other. Olgierd von Everec, through unknown means, discovered the existence of the unusual clause in Maximilian's will and hoped to exploit this through the first of his three wishes.[2]

References Edit

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