Master of the Arena is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

While Geralt was visiting the village of Hov in Spikeroog, he heard talk either from the Bookie from the quest Fists of Fury: Champion of Champions or simply from the villagers of Hov of someone named Ulle who anyone can defeat in the village arena. Out of intrigue, the witcher decided to visit this infamous arena and overheard two skelligers, Gunnar and Lydrik, on the arena's watchtower talking about ways to rid the arena of a wraith by perhaps using salted blades or leaden balls or even calling on druids to help. The witcher knew well none of this would work and so intervened to help. Knowing that a witcher was in their midst, the men turned to Geralt to rid their arena of the wraith that was haunting it.

Curious about who his foe was, the witcher pressed for more details about this wraith so Lydrik gladly explained that the wraith was called Ulle the Unlucky in the time of his great great grandfather because he lost every bout he entered. Even though Ulle always recovered from his wounds, a day came when the jarl drew lots for a tournament and drew Ulle the Unlucky as his opponent. The jarl ridiculed Ulle to the crowds because he was sure of his victory. When the jarl did indeed win, Ulle couldn't take it anymore and stabbed him in the back with a dagger so the jarl, Thormar, cursed him to lose for centuries on end. Ever since then, the arena has been unable to host normal fights because Ulle kept appearing even when he's already lost to everyone in the village. This was a deep problem for the village's withering fame because it endangered the custom of Spikeroog bouts where it was known throughout Skellige for the best warriors to clash there. If the witcher agrees to help, the men will agree to pay the witcher with the champion's purse and a share of the arena's future earnings.

In the arena by the cliffs of Hov, there Ulle the Unlucky appears to greet the witcher in a bored tone as any cursed specter in his state. He explains his predicament and has accepted his fate of losing fights till the world's end, enduring taunts then a pierce in him till he disappears and then reappears a few days later again in an endless loop. The witcher, Geralt of Rivia, can then face the ghost of the arena; if the witcher kills Ulle, he'll applaud Geralt and Geralt will remark how useless that was. At this point, the quest will not end and Ulle will reappear after some days. If Geralt takes the wraith's blows until a certain point, Ulle will surprisingly remark that he's defeated you and will hear sounds and voices summoning him to the feast of heroes. He'll thank Geralt for what he's done and vanish before the witcher can even say his farewell. (20 Tw3 icon xp)

The witcher can then return to Gunnar and Lydrik and tell of his success, learning that they were betting with each other on Geralt to lose for the ghost. They then reward the witcher as promised (15 Oren3,20 Tw3 icon xp) and tell him to come back to claim his share of the income later on. After a few days, the witcher can then return to see that business is booming for the cursed arena and Geralt receives his cut of the deal.(20 Oren3,20 Tw3 icon xp)

Journal entry Edit

Legend claims the warriors of Spikeroog had tested their mettle in the arena found near the cliffs on the northwestern edge of the isle for centuries. Sadly, an unfortunate recent event had led to the arena being haunted by the ghost of a defeated warrior. Geralt agreed to send the wraith off into the afterlife for good.
Defeating Ulle the Unlucky demanded a fair deal of clever thinking, but Geralt managed just fine. The grateful arena owners promised him a significant prize as soon as fights resumed.
The warriors held up their end of the bargain and paid Geralt his due.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk with the villagers about the problem at the arena.
  • Find a way to send Ulle on to the afterlife.
  • Return to the warriors.
  • Return to the Spikeroog arena later to collect your percent of the takings.

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