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Master Ulrich is in Hearts of Stone the Grand Master of the Order of the Flaming Rose, or better said it's radicals, so called "Fallen Knights". His main rivals are king Radovid V and leader of moderate faction of Orders remnants - Sir Siegfried.

Hearts of Stone Expansion Edit

His election to this position is shrouded in mystery but he seems to be resistant of his predecessor (optionally Siegfried of Denesle) reforms and only one thing who he keep from him is coat of arm but shields of knights was changed and roses on them are fireing like during Jacques de Aldersberg's rule.

He was elected to fill the grandmaster position in very dark times for the Order, most of his brothers died, imprisoned, killed or betrayed their own and join the radical Witch Hunters, all fortunes and properties from kings like Foltest and Radovid V were now confiscated by the second-named king and only think what Ulrich was leader of few hundreds of knights and so he decides to avenge his dead brothers and he started to attacking caravans of the Redanian Royal Army.

But not all knights joined him, there is still a group under leadership of Sir Siegfried de Löwe (another name of Siegfried of Denesle ?) are still loyal to ideals and providing defend to all willing to pay amount of coin for guard. [1]

He made his base of operations within a cave north of Novigrad and even starts to deal fisstech from here.

That is until Geralt of Rivia was tasked, by a female member of the "Wild Ones" , to investigate the murder of her lover/mate Kluivert, a fisstech dealer, and avenge his death.

Geralt was told that her "mate", Kluivert, rode to an abandoned village of Bowdon and he starts his investigation from there. Then it led him to her lover's murderers, Ulrich and the Order of the Flaming Rose.

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Notes & references Edit

  1. Announcement on bulletin board in Brunwich (Hearts of Stone)

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