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"I know you. You're Geralt of Rivia. Jacques de Aldersberg's killer."
—Upon recognizing Geralt
Ulrich is the Grand Master of the Fallen Knights from the Order of the Flaming Rose in the Hearts of Stone Expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

His election to this position is shrouded in mystery, but he raised in very dark times for the Order during Third Northern War. A mixture of negative emotion caused him to slowly go insane, and officially declared war on Radovid's Redania. Members of the order noticed this, and left the order to join the witch hunters under Radovid or became freelancer mercenaries.

An even bigger insult to Ulrich was a high-ranking officer of the Order, Count Siegfried de Löwe, had taken a chunk of his soldiers to oppose his radicalism of the Order. This assisted in his descent into madness. He thus had camps set North and South of the Pontar, to harrass both Nilfgaard and Redania.

He died fighting Geralt of Rivia on request of Adela, member of the Redanian Free Company.

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