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Margrit is a character in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. She lives in Velen and is the sister of Hanna thus also sister-in-law of the hunter Niellen. She's involved with the quest Wild At Heart.She was in love with Niellen, but Niellen loved Hanna and not her. At some point Margrit found out that Niellen was a werewolf, but Hanna didn't, and she lured Hanna to Niellen's werewolf lair so Hanna could run away scared and never come back. However, Niellen devoured Hanna, though he didn't remember doing it after he assumed his human form. When Niellen hired Geralt to find Hanna, Margrit tried to bribe Geralt and make him tell Niellen Hanna is dead. Geralt can either continue investigating or quit.

Later, when Geralt finds Niellen as a werewolf on his lair and wounds him, Margrit appears and tells Geralt and Niellen how she loved Niellen and lured Hanna so Niellen could scare her away. Niellen thought Margrit was lying about not wanting Hanna to die, and asked Geralt to allow him to savagely kill his sister-in-law.

If Geralt chooses to spare Margrit, she can be found in the hunter's cabin where the quest was completed. She is folded over on a bench, presumably in grief over what's transpired.

If Geralt chooses to let Niellen kill Margrit, her screams can be heard as Niellen tears her apart.

Significant plot details end here.

Associated quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In some parts of the game dialogue as well as in the Journal Entry for Wild at Heart quest, she is called "Margaret".

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