In The Witcher series, there are many military units of varying kinds.

Ataman Edit

Ataman is a type of officer rank or title in the Redanian military. During his lifetime, Olgierd von Everec was ataman of the Redanian Free Company, also known as the "Wild Ones".[1]

Captain Edit

Captain is a militairy rank. A banner or a garrison is usually led by a captain. Generally the head of a non-military group (i.e. a gang of bandits) can be called captain as well. Captain is also the title usually given to the leader of the city guard.

Centurion Edit

A centurion is a non-commissioned officer (or NCO) similar to a Sergeant.

Colonel Edit

Normally a colonel is the commander of an Infantry Regiment or a Cavalry Banner. In the books colonels seem to command Brigades and Divisions.


Commander Edit

Commander is a generic term for an officer commanding any armed forces unit. In witcher universe that include generals, head of divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions, companies, free companies or smaller military units, special forces as well as commanders of guerilla or militia troops.

Constable Edit

Constable is a rank in law enforcement and military of Temeria. On Tukaj Foothills and surroundings, Constable Frans Torquil maintained order during the 1250s in name of the bailiff of Gors Velen.[2]

During Northern Wars, a lowly born Constable Jan Natalis became notorious as successful commander-in-charge of Northern forces being sometimes referred by his subordinates to as "Lord Constable".[3]

Field Hetman of the CrownEdit

Field Hetman of the Crown are the highest-ranking military officers, second only to the king, in Redania. This position is similar to Temerian Constable of Temeria or Nilfgaardian Field Marshal.

Field MarshalEdit

Field Marshal is the title of a supreme commander in the Nilfgaardian military.

General Edit

Jarl of SkelligeEdit

The Jarl of Skellige (Polish: jarl Wysp Skellige) is a title referring to the main commander of the Skellige military forces[5] leading the kingdom's powerful fleet and other branches[6], thus making them the most faithful aide to the king or queen. Commander differs from regular clan chieftains, with single "jarl" or "earl", by small crown from what appears to be gold and silver.

Lance-Corporal Edit


The lieutenant is usually the Captain's deputy.

Lieutenant ColonelEdit

The lieutenant colonel is the Colonel second in command.

Lieutenant GeneralEdit

Marshal Edit

Major General Edit


Sergeant Edit

Soldier Edit

Soldier is one who fights as part of an organized land-based armed force. A soldier can be an enlisted person, an officer, or a non-commissioned officer. The Soldier is also nomenclature for lowest rank possible in army.

Voivode Edit

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