Mage's notes is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It may be found along with the diagram for the Feline crossbow in the wreck of the Flying Stag.

Journal entry Edit

Kiyan has enlisted with the Flying Stag as a guard of sorts. A hefty sack of Novigrad crowns convinced the captain to lodge me in his cabin. All is going according to plan.
I'm actually finding this expedition amusing. I'm glad I didn't contract the kidnapping out to some bulgy armed halfwit. I'll do it more gracefully myself.
He's cautious. I won't be able to put him down with a casually placed poison apple. Guess I'll have to zonk him out with a spell and whisk him away via teleport. I just hope it won't plop us down somewhere in the middle of Temple Isle instead of in my quarters below it. The power pulsating from my laboratory tends to throw off a good portion of my attempts to teleport home.
Very high level of resistance to psionic spells. Time needed for full penetration of his nervous system – a half an hour at least.
A few more moments and the witcher will be ready for transport. Now I just need to wipe our tracks. Perhaps a little change in the weather?
While waiting for more favorable atmospheric conditions, I looked through his things. Some very intriguing documents. A map of Est Tayiar, crafting diagrams of elven provenance (margin note: highly interesting sketch for a one-handed crossbow, most likely used to hunt draconids or ornithosaurs, must ask about this during interrogation. Confirms my theory that the witchers of the Cat School use elven weapons.) and, wait for it.... Professor Sigismund Gloger's notes. It's clear the witcher had something to do with the famous professor's disappearance.
Think I might have overone it a bit with those cumulonimbi... No point in tarrying, time to evacuate.

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