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The kingdom of Lyria and Rivia is one of the Northern Kingdoms, located north of the river Yaruga, and ruled by Queen Meve. The kingdom's neighbors are Mahakam, Aedirn, and Dol Angra.

In July, 1267, during the Second Nilfgaard War, Lyria and Rivia were invaded and conquered by Nilfgaard without any formal declaration of war. It was, however, liberated in the later phases of the war.

It should also be noted, though Geralt of Rivia originally used the title "of Rivia" because it amused him, he was formally knighted by Meve and given the title "of Rivia" after the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga.

National emblems Edit

Heraldry Edit

COA Lyria COA Rivia COA Lyria Rivia COA Lyria Rivia drawing

These coats of arms were designed by SMiki55 basing on the work of our local heraldry and Witcher expert Mboro based on the descriptions in the novels. The drawing is the Czech concept.

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The flag was created by SMiki55 basing on the work of our resident heraldry and witcher expert Mboro, based on the description in the novels.

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Military Edit

For the main article, see Military of Lyria and Rivia.

Prior to the start of the 2nd Northern-Nilfgaard war, Lyria and Aedirn had a combined army of approximately 35,000 soldiers. When the war began with Nilfgaard's invasion, they were only able to raise about 13,000, including 3,000 cavalry. In the early days of the invasion, a fifth of these forces were cut off in forts and fortresses. Part of the remaining troop had been withdrawn to defend the wing against light cavalry and Scoia'tael. The remaining army, about six thousand soldiers to include twelve-hundred knights, was beaten in Aldersberg. The current state of the armed forces of Lyria and Rivia may be determined at approx. eight thousand infantrymen who fought as a diversionary force during the last war with Nilfgaard. Rivia has the best crossbowmen in the north.

Notes Edit

  • Sometime in the distant future of the Witcher universe, Lyria and Rivia was no more to the point that historians didn't remember where it used to be located. They did, however, remember its coat of arms.[3]

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