Lund is a member of Novigradian City Council and former member of Jad Karadin's gang. Other members of the gang are Hammond, Selyse and Vienne.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

He is one of the persons involved in the death of the witcher Aiden of the Cat School. Lund is encountered at a warehouse close to Novigrad, where he is employed as the supervisor of said warehouse.

However, it is hinted that this is just a facade of Lund to take care of his business as a criminal undisturbed by the authorities. A guard of the warehouse provides a contract on an Ekimmara for Geralt of Rivia, even though he states that another witcher is already employed to hunt down the monster.

Upon the witchers' return, Lambert promptly demands to talk to supervisor Lund and is granted access by the guardsman of the warehouse. However, Lund turns out to be unwilling to share information about Karadin and rather calls his guards for help than aiding the witcher. This leads to a short fight between the guards and Geralt while Lambert corners Lund in an adjacent hut.

After the death of the guardsmen, Geralt witnesses Lambert interrogating Lund and killing him with a stab to the stomach, but not before gaining the crucial information from him that another member of the gang, Vienne, can be found at the Seven Cats Inn.

Lambert then promises to tell Geralt all about the reason for his actions and to provide him with all necessary information at the Seven Cats Inn, where Vienne can be found according to Lund. Lund is post-mortem mentioned by Vienne to have "finally found his match", indicating that Lund had a successful career of contract-killings.

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