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Love's Cruel Snares is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In this quest, Geralt comes upon a sad young woman at the Boatmakers' Hut on the west coast of Velen, north of Condyle. The woman asks Geralt to find her fiancé who has disappeared.

Journal entry Edit

While wandering Velen Geralt happened across a woman who was weeping violently. She explained that her betrothed had gone into the woods to check his traps but never returned - and she feared the worst. Geralt calmed her and promised to check what had become of her beloved.
When Geralt returned from the woods, he did not bring good news with him. The woman saw this in his face at once. Though her hands trembled and her eyes welled with bitter tears, she did not forget to pay the witcher what he was owed and thank him with some kind words.

Objectives Edit

  • Find the woman's missing fiancé in the woods using your Witcher Senses.
  • Deliver the bad news to the girl.
  • Have to clear all Abandoned Sites in that area(are like 3) and the bandit camp across the little bay, and the cannibals for the woman to appear(checked in the version 1.22)

Videos Edit

Love's Cruel Snares- OMG, That Nose (Witcher 3 - Geralt Micro-Quest in Velen)07:09

Love's Cruel Snares- OMG, That Nose (Witcher 3 - Geralt Micro-Quest in Velen)

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