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Lost Lambs is a quest in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


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The lost guards are located at the site of Sabrina Glevissig's execution, southwest of the Kaedweni camp along the beach. After examining the items at the execution site, the guards will agree to go with you. You must escort the guards out of the area and protect them from a few Drowners.

If you decide not to help the guards, the quest will remain in your quest log until the end of Chapter II but you will not be able to finish it.

Journal EntryEdit

As the witcher wandered the Kaedweni camp, he was approached by Zyvik, whom he already met earlier. The man, visibly concerned, asked Geralt to find some soldiers who had gone missing somewhere beyond the palisade. The soldier offered a reward for completing this task, so refusing him whould have been sinful. The witcher promised to keep an eye out for the missing grunts during his excursions in the area.
It turned out the soldiers had been led astray by a religious fanatic known as the Visionary. Led astray to a dangerous place at that, on thick with monsters. Geralt, as befit a witcher, decided to save the soldiers and led them to safety.
The witcher should have received a medal. Both soldiers reached the camp safely. I have to admit that Geralt can be useful when he wants to be. He truly earned the reward that awaited him in Zyvik's hands.
Seeing both soldiers returned in one piece, Zyvik was so happy he nearly embraced Geralt. He gladly gave the witcher his reward, and Geralt gladly accepted.

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