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Lornruk Tw3

Lornruk is an abandoned tower located on the coast on the frontier separating Velen from Novigrad. Guarded by a Wyvern, the tower is also located right next to a Place of Power for Quen.

Points of interest Edit

When first approached the drawbridge will be retracted, the only entrance being an underwater cavern guarded by several drowners swimming in the moat below. The easiest way to reach the water is to dive off the bridge. There is a loot chest inside the cavern below the castle and several lootable chests with a Griffin School diagram inside the castle proper. The drawbridge can be lowered once inside to make return visits much easier.

There is a book called Dobromir's Journal which presumably belonged to the unfortunate soul found dead atop the castle's roof, probably killed by the Wyvern circling the keep as he attempted to keep the lighthouse fire burning.

Map description Edit

Years ago smugglers would come here to load and unload illicit cargo. Now this fort's treasures are still to be ransacked. The drawbridge is out, forcing intrepid souls to locate an underwater entrance up into this place.

Associated quest Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Inside the castle keep there is a book called "How to Avoid Colossal Vessels" which harkens back to the time when this was a smuggler's den for illicit trading of goods. It is presumably a reference to the real book "How to Avoid Huge Ships," which is well known on the internet.