Looters is the name given to three unmarked quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Along the highways and byways of war-torn Velen, expect to encounter clusters of peasants, usually six in number (sometimes with two on horseback), looting the corpses of the fallen. They are hostile, so avoid or engage them.

Looters I Edit

Woodland Gang: The wooded path east of Heatherton, and northeast of the Wolven Glade. Expect five infantry, and three horsemen.  

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Looters II Edit

Find them at the inactive Codger’s Quarry, where an initially gruff chat turns into a pleading for help against four Alghouls.

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Looters III Edit

Find them at the village of Toderas, where a brief conversation degenerates into mindless violence. Expect seven infantry. 

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