Lille was a young girl of the Lower Posada in Dol Blathanna. She didn't speak a word to anyone but the old woman of the village.
She's the avatar of Dana Méadbh, and she's regarded as the Wise One and a prophetess by the villagers.
"-led by a fair-haired and painfully thin teenage girl." - The Last Wish
"She was older than he had initially thought - her delicate figure had deceived him, so different from the robust build of the other girls in the village." - The Last Wish
"Lille didn't lower her eyes. They were pale and wildly blue." - The Last Wish

In The Hexer (Movie and TV series) Edit

In the episode 7, Dolina Kwiatów, of The Hexer TV series, Lille was played by Małgorzata Lipmann.