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Journal entry Edit

[sheet 1]

Count Crespi called himself a knight, but spat in the face of chivalry. That's why he should not die with a sword in his hand, but atone for his dishonor on the town pillory. He was a rogue and he should die a rogue's death.

[sheet 2]

You did well with Count Crespi. He got what he deserved. Now it's time for Ramon du Lac. That idiot thought he was smarter than a new penny, always issuing his judgments, which broke people's futures and necks. He was a fool and should die like a fool: alone, with no weapon, in a dark alley. With a broken neck.

[sheet 3]

Count de la Croix committed the basest of acts out of his love for money, he tore to shreds the hearts of those who trusted him. That is why you will cut him to pieces, and attach the coin pouch accompanying this letter to his body.

[sheet 4]

Your penultimate victim is Milton de Peyrac-Peyran. He who should have shown valor in the defense of the innocent, turned out to be the greatest coward of the Beauclair knighthood. That is why he must die like a coward – you will kill him during the tournament, when the Hare Hunt commences in the ducal gardens. Milton will be the hare. He will escape. Like a coward. Then you will hunt him down and kill him – just like a hunter kills a coward.

Associated quests Edit

Gallery Edit

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