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There are to letters with orders in Hearts of Stone:

First letter with ordersEdit

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

Did you get that diagram from Robbe? Made any progress? Soon as you make out so much as a word, write directly to me, because that twat Robbe’ll try something tricky.
We’re sitting on a gold mine, mate – we just gotta work out what’s scribbled on those papers and we’ll be chasing buyers off with a broom. So leave off raiding and robbing for the time being, just sit in camp and work your noggins till you think of something.

Second letter with ordersEdit

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

I've given you a whole month. And? Nothing. No progress. Diagrams're just as damn incomprehensible as when you started. So that's it. Enough fucking around.
You’re to do the following. Keep one diagram and stare at it till you hit on something, and send the rest to the other camps. Maybe some of the lads there ain't quite so dense and’ll manage to translate those damned scratchings into something we can use.
Those alchemists encamped by the bee yard've spent most of their lives poring over books, so send on of the drawings to them. Send a second to the band that occupies the brick ruins by the lake. One of the lads there was supposed to be ordained a reverend. He knows strange tongues. As to our transfer base in the bogs near the abandoned village, a lad there was formerly a librarian's assisstant. Send him the third diagram.
P.S. For inspiration, try your hand at translating this: Robbe caen me a'baeth aep arse.

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