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Letter to Tamara is a letter found in Baron Philip Strenger's room usually during the quest Family Matters in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The letter hints at the mistreatment Tamara and her mother suffered at the hands of their father and husband respectively. It is one three clues Geralt finds in Tamara's room that help tell the story of their disappearance.

Journal entryEdit

(...) We are more like a family. We support each other and help each other survive tough moments, grapple with the past. For each of us has a past. So you needn't worry about anyone digging into yours. We've got a rule — never ask more than someone offers on their own. The past doesn't matter to us, only the future does, that and our common fight against evil and depravity, against perverse and loathsome practices of all kinds (...)

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