Letter to Tailles can be found by the Tourney Grounds, in tent of Tailles of Dorndal, on small table.

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To brother Tailles of Dorndal:
Dear Tailles,
The Guiding Brethren of our Holy Congregation have unanimously declared it high time one of our Knights joined the lists of the Beauclair tourney. This is an event renowned the world over and the lack of a representative of our order is a glaring omission and casts a dark shadow on the reputation of Order.
Sadly ever since the death of Brother Roderick de Wett, we have no worthy champion, and our most skilled brother, Patrick of Weyze, has contracted scrofula so fierce he cannot mount a horse even for a minute.
We thus trust the choice of you, brother, which is natural in this situation, will prove wise and you shall not betray the hope we have placed in you.
Immediately upon receipt of this letter go to the nearest branch of the Vivaldi Bank, where you will accept a transfer of coin in the amount of 784 crowns. These are your delegation founds, which you are obliged to return in full plus a 50% penalty if you do not take a place on the podium. Brother Adalbert who - as you know - has taken on the role of specialist in the matter of Order's view in the public eye, has calculated that a loss on the part of our representative will cause more damage than not taking part in tourney at all. So you understand our position.
May the Eternally Flaming Rose lie your path in this endeavor!
Brother Evariste of Metinna, First Secretary of the Order