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Journal entry Edit

Dear Philippa,
As I write this I am sipping your favorite cocktail on the terrace of my father's Metinna estate and wondering... what the devil are you thinking?! I'd understand if you'd simply grown bored with me, I'd accept it if it had turned out that the pair we made was not to your liking or you had found yourself a younger, prettier model, but for the love of the bleeding gods - Dijkstra?! That (with all due disrespect) pot-bellied swine?! Over me?! I do not know if you have been testing new concoctions that have addled your mind or if perhaps this is another one of your games... yet even if you must seek intimacy with that primitive for political reasons, I do not see why this should mean the end of our relationship. After all, it would not be the first time we would hide our love (...)

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