The letter of safe conduct is a document in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Issued by the Redanian government, it is an official document which affords its bearer passage across the Pontar via military checkpoints at the Border Post, and at Oxenfurt's Western Gate.

There are three ways in which Geralt can obtain this letter. One is by discovering Tamara's whereabouts from Voytek during the main quest Family Matters, and reporting his findings to the Bloody Baron, who will issue a letter of safe conduct. Another way is by completing Contract: Woodland Beast having killed Vernossiel's Scoia'tael unit, for which Captain Felix Grubb will give the letter. Finally, Gregor can give a letter during A Deadly Plot, if one was not previously obtained.

The transit pass is a fake version of the letter of safe conduct, but is functionally identical to the real thing. It will also allow passage through the Redanian military checkpoints despite being an obvious forgery.

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Journal entry Edit

In the name of His Majesty Radovid V, King of Redania, the bearer of the present document is entitled to the right of unfettered passage across all blockades on the Pontar River.


  • Even being an official pass, when presented it's missing the red seal. However, like with the fake version, the guard waives it off as the department making mistakes and lets Geralt through.