Letter from witcher Kolgrim of the Viper School is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and is found in the White Orchard cemetary, underground in the crypts, alongside the diagram for the Viper silver sword.

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

To: Ivar Evil-Eye, master witcher of the Viper School.
I have now found all the legendary diagrams once belonging to our order. Certain complications have arisen, however. On the way back to our keep, I stopped to rest the night in a village in the Temerian borderlands. The blasted peasants decided to make me into their scapegoat and accused me of kidnapping some beekeeper´s brat. They took me into the local lordling´s castle for interrogation, during which they found and confiscated one of the diagrams. But do not fear, I will get it back. They did not find the others.
I have invoked Temerian common law and demanded a trial by ordeal instead of submitting to the whims of this baronet. My request was granted and tomorrow I am to cleanse the baronet´s family crypt of wraiths. I expect this will prove little trouble. Perhaps I will already have returned to our keep by the time you receive this letter. Light the furnances -we´ll have some forging to do.