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Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

Verner (Ferner, Perner, whatever be it they call you)!
No idea have I why The Most Gracious Crown Mage Aamad designated all people you as our liaison (the argument that you best know this land, being Nordling yourself, do not I find in the least bit convincing, because Aedirn’s as much to do with Redania as Zerrikania has with Ofier, namely: nothing). But as the wishes of His Graciousness are not to be disputed, beseech you I to try to deliver to him this message: our camp we have staked near Brunwich, a village. In keeping with the orders given us by the Court and His Graciousness, knowledge and goods of our land we now share with the local populaces. Sadly as to their mental capacities my predictions rightly judged, so I renew my request for permission to travel towards a greater urban settlement, where our knowledge and experience will be better appreciated.
Dulla kh’Amanni

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