Disambig-icon.png This article is about the letter in The Witcher (PC). For the letter in Blood and Wine expansion, see Letter from Triss (Blood and Wine).

Depending on Geralt's choice of guardian for Alvin in Chapter III, he either receives a letter from Shani or from Triss when he meets Dandelion in Murky Waters as part of the Alvin quest.

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Dearest Geralt !
You managed to escape in time and you should not return to the city for a while. Yet I hope we will not remain apart for long...
Our problems, however, do not end there. Alvin used magic to disappear, but I was able to locate him and sent you there. Take care of him, please. I know you don't need convincing — you've come to like him as much as I have. The boy has been through a log and his wild magical talents have awakened. When he was with me, he did not have patience enough to undergo basic magical training, claiming he would rather be an explorer of lost ruins, a discoverer of magical artifacts. I have enclosed a dimeritium amulet that blocks magic. I hope Dandelion hasn't lost it. Please convince Alvin to wear the pendant it [sic] at all times. Take care of him and think of me sometimes. I deeply hope all will be well with us — our little affair can't possibly be more difficult than your mission, can it? Be careful and know that I await your return.
Your Triss

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