Letter from Toben is a letter found in a bandits camp in Novigrad after completing the quest At the Mercy of Strangers. The letters details some of the life of an unmet refugee that was presumably killed by John Verdun and his bandits while encamped at that location. It is unknown who Toben is or if there is any effect of his death indicating that the letter is meant purely as a grim reminder to the player everything Geralt does may have serious consequences.

Journal entryEdit

Dear Mother,
Everything has gone very well so far. I still have a considerable ways to go to the city, but as soon as I get there I will dispatch this letter and set about writing another.
I miss you and Father horribly. I am being extremely careful with the coin you gave me. I have not spent hardly a thing. Once I find employment, I will set aside an amount every week, and send you my savings regularly.
Tell Yolanda I love her greatly and will send for her soon. To come and be my wife, of course, I spoke with a certain Temerian who told me there are more merchants in the city than ants in the woods, and that scribes are always wanted. I believe he spoke the truth.
Your Toben.
Give Fido a good belly rub for me.