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Lebioda was a prophet whose visions and parables are contained in the Good Book of Prophet Lebioda's Wisdom.[1] He became legendary for his goodness, wisdom, and modest peaceful ways.

As he became well-known, a cult began to form around him. More and more people started following his teachings with some of them becoming his pupils, as was the case with Saint Plegmund who brought his master's words to Toussaint.[2] He was seen doing miracles, and in short time, his words and deeds converted the whole duchy along with Duchess Caroberta who ordered both a temple in Beauclair and a monument on the west bank of the Sansretour to be built.[3][4] Lebioda himself visited Toussaint at least once to hear prayers of the faithful.

His wisdom reached even the edges of the Continent far as Kovir and Poviss where it spread thanks to King Esterad Thyssen's wife, Queen Zuleyka, who lived most of her life according to the prophet's teachings.[1][5]

He died, eaten by a dragon, which he attempted to stop harassing Kaedweni villagers. The remains of the prophet, recovered from the feces of the creature, were collected by his students and interned in the sarcophagus in the Novigrad's Great Temple. On some holidays, the faithful are allowed to kiss the relic.[6]

He is not only revered by humans but also by several assimilated dwarves.[7]

Etymology Edit

Entry of Allied Troops Into Rome, 5 June 1944 TR1844

The Polish word "lebioda" is the name of the plant known in English as "fat-hen", "white goosefoot", "lamb's quarters", "pigweed" and "dungweed" (Chenopodium album). It is also used as an insult for someone weak, feeble, or a bit useless, a bit like the word 'weed' in English.

Trivia Edit

  • In Danusia Stok's translation of The Last Wish, he is called Lebiodus.
  • An over 5 m tall statue of Saint Peter by the artist Giuseppe de Fabris, which can be seen at Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City, has a similar look to Lebioda's monument in Toussaint.

Gallery Edit

Notes & references Edit

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