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Lamarr Flaut was terribly afraid. Fear gripped his bowels, and it seemed to him that his intestines where coat with slimy eels that were doggedly searching for a way to get to freedom.
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- Lamarr Flaut scouting the enemy terrain

Lamarr Flaut is a Nilfgaardian officer, and head of a team of scouts sent to do reconnaissance in the hills prior to the Battle of Brenna. He saw no enemy activity and was about to return when he was killed, trampled by the horses a secret unit from the north who flanked him. Menno Coehoorn was furious and not knowing he was already dead, vowed to personally hunt him and his unit down and hang them. He sent his aide-de-camp, Ouder de Wyngalt to find them. The latter did not survive much longer after receiving his orders.