La Cage au Fou is a main quest available in the Blood and Wine Expansion.

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Curse of spotted wight Edit

"None shall sit and dine with you at your table, no spoon you have shall sate you, never again shall you wish to spy your reflection in the mirror."

To lift the curse, you must thoroughly investigate the area. Aside from lots of spoons, you should read Stained diary (it's hidden in the oven), investigate smashed mirror, table with skeletons and table near the cauldron.

After hiding in the cupboard, you'll have two options:

  1. [Attack the monster.]
  2. [Try to lift the curse.] (×)

Choose the second. After a short cutscene, you'll see three choices:

  1. Let's swap spoons.
  2. Let's eat, using the spoons.
  3. Let's eat, not using the spoons. (×)

There's only one option to successfully lift the curse - the third. Choosing any other option leads to a failure - the wight will flee and you would have a choice to kill it (though it's not required to complete the quest).

If you lift the curse, the wight will run away and you'll have to find it. Don't worry, it left a stench of the brew so you'll manage to find it. It turns out that the wight was a cursed woman, Marlene. Both of you'll move to Corvo Bianco Vineyard where Geralt lets her stay with majordomo. You'll receive 1000Tw3 icon xp for removing the curse and start the quest The Hunger Game.

Journal entry Edit

The Beast's and Geralt's clash had been violent albeit brief. Now With it done, Geralt could have a chat with his long lost friend Regis. A higher vampire, Regis revealed that the creature terrorizing Beauclair was none other than his dear friend Dettlaff. Geralt now understood he was pursuing a truly dangerous foe – a higher vampire, one of Regis' ilk. Then the witcher and the vampire heard a clamor. A posse was drawing near. So Geralt and Regis cut their conversation short. Preferring not to draw any attention, the vampire disappeared, but not before inviting the witcher to pay him a visit at temporary quarters he'd established at the local cemetery (you had better believe it!), Mère-Lachaiselongue.
Geralt paid Regis a visit at his cemetery hideout. After a long debate, the two old friends concluded their first order of business was to find Dettlaff. Regis was to prepare a concoction to aid them in this endeavor. Called Resonance, said brew required an array of ingredients, many of them hard to find. One such component was the saliva, or salivary glands, of a spotted wight, a species thought to be long extinct. Yet it seemed that one specimen remained alive, having made its lair near Beauclair. Geralt set out to find it.
If Geralt kills the spotted wight:
Geralt found the spotted wight at an old, abandoned estate. The witcher slew the monster and, its salivary glands in hand, made for the cemetery.
If Geralt lifts the curse from the spotted wight (or tries to, but fails):
Geralt found the spotted wight at an old, abandoned estate. The witcher chose not to fight it, opting instead to hide in a wardrobe and await his chance, though how it would come, he could only guess. Once the wight had come and gone, Geralt collected its saliva, which the monster had added to the brew it was making in a large cauldron.
If Geralt lifts the curse from the spotted wight:
Intrigued, Geralt set off in pursuit of the fleeing wight. To the witcher's surprise, the creature proved to be a woman who had been cursed centuries ago. Geralt set about lifting the curse that held her, and through his efforts the wight transformed back into someone of yore named Marlene.
Once Regis received the penultimate ingredient required to brew Resonance, he said the time had come to tackle the most difficult challenge. For apart from all else, Resonance had to include the blood of a higher vampire. At first, Geralt saw this as no challenge at all, as standing before him was a representative of said species. Yet Regis revealed that the blood he needed had to have a specific chemical composition. His blood would change only under conditions of great suffering. Regis offered to endure this without hesitation.
It proved quite the ordeal for Regis, a sacrifice one might say. But they obtained the last ingredient required for Resonance, and the vampire could prepare the concoction. Geralt drank a dose, and visions ensued. He saw Dettlaff, where he had recently been, what he had done. It was enough for Geralt to know he now needed to find a local bootblack. He hoped the boy would help him locate his foe.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Meet Regis at Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery.
  • Find a way into the crypt. (450 Tw3 icon xp)
    • Waiting for the crows to return with information:
      • Let's drink. (×)
      • No drinks for me. Need a nap instead.
    • Keep to himself:
      • Seems you chose to misunderstand – I don't want to talk.
      • This a set up? Trying to get me to confess something? (×)
      • Got a lot of secrets.
    • Anything in particular about vampires:
      • Know what, let's talk later.
      • Maybe there's something you want to ask me, something specific? (×)
    • If reborn would Geralt choose to be a witcher?
      • Yeah. I'd be a witcher.
      • Prefer to be someone else.
    • Ever vigilant. Certain they don't administer a few of our (vampire) genes during the Trial of the Grasses?
      • Appreciate the compliment. (×)
      • Not as far as I know.
  • [Optional] Read the bestiary entry to learn more about spotted wights. (100 Tw3 icon xp)
  • Look for the wight's lair.
  • Use your Witcher Senses to search the wight's lair.
  • Find the wight's cauldron.
  • Look into the cauldron.
  • Hide in a place with a good view of the cauldron.
    • [Attack the monster.]
    • [Try to lift the curse.] (×)
      • Wight brew, collected from filled soup plate.
      • Let's swap spoons. (50 Tw3 icon xp, failed) or
      • Let's eat, using the spoons. (50 Tw3 icon xp, failed)
        • [Optional] Follow the wight.
        • Kill the wight. (32 Tw3 icon xp)
      • Let's eat, not using the spoons. (×) (50 Tw3 icon xp, worked)
        • [Optional] Follow the stench of the wight's brew. (50 Tw3 icon xp)
  • Report back to Regis.
    • Spying on me?
    • Helpful creatures, ravens. (×)
  • Talk to Regis when you're ready to go.
  • Follow Regis.
  • Place the bait in each of the four tunnels. (4)
  • Tell Regis when you're ready to fight.
  • Kill monsters until bloodlust transforms Regis into a monster. (50 Tw3 icon xp)

Bugs Edit

  • No matter where you are in the main story line, when Regis asks, Geralt says he found Ciri and they defeated the wild hunt together.

Trivia Edit

  • the name "Mère-Lachaiselongue" is most likely a reference to the Père Lachaise Cemetery, the largest cemetery in the city of Paris where famous people are buried, notably Oscar Wilde.
  • The name of this quest is likely a reference to the French play-turned-musical La Cage aux Folles

Notes Edit

  • It's very likely the mysterious vagrant that cursed Marlene is Gaunter O'Dimm for reasons explained on his page here.

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Dinner with a Wight - The Witcher 3 DEATH MARCH! Part 141 - Let's Play Hard

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