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Tw3 cardart skellige leader king bran

Bran an Tuirseach in lead.

"Skellige is its clans. In times of war, tradition holds the clan unite under the leadership of their king. We've bid Bran farewell. Time to pick his successor, who will lead us against the Black Ones. The gates of Kaer Trolde stand open to all who held Bran of Clan Tuirseach dear. Mead and meat will be plentiful. During the wake, those who believe themselves worthy of the crown will step forth."
Crach an Craite[src]

Konung is word in Skellige dialect refering to title "King of the Isles"[1][2][3] while Rhena means "Queen".[4] Originally these isles were inhabited by independent clans, but these later united to face the growing threat from barbarians as well as the rising powers of the Continent. Skellige then became monarchy and so king needed his official seat.[5] For this purpose castle was built on small island northwest of Ard Skellig and south of Spikeroog, named Kaer Almhult. In practice, however, each ruler preferred to keep to his clan's seat, and Kaer majestic keep was left unused. Eventually the decision was made to turn it into a prison.[6]

Ascension Edit

The position of monarch is unique; the king (or queen) is elected by the jarls of the influential clans. The jarls can choose to support themselves, their younger relatives, or any other candidate.[7] It's not uncommon for the successor of the throne to be a descendant of a previous ruler.[1][8] After the king/queen dies, a wake is held in their honor; then during the wake an election is held. Potential candidates for the throne must prove themselves worthy - each candidate can take on a task/mission to prove to the other jarls that they're the best fit for the throne. Coronation occurs under hallowed tree, Gedyneith in the western forests of Ard Skellig, where candidate takes crown and axe. Power of ruler is not absolutistic like of those on North, king is more of symbolic position and pretty much relies on jarls' and main commander's of fleet, Jarl's of Skellige, support.[9]

Skellige has polygamy[10] but title of queen is given only either to most nobleborn wife or the one that gave king his firstborn children. If king marries with woman that is allready queen then she is refered to as Ard Rhena ("High Queen") as it was case with Calanthe.[4] When queens husband dies she is expected to be burned alive side by side her love but she has choice.[11][12] In 1272 widow after Konung Bran, Birna, self-styles herself as "Queen Mother" in certainity that her son will be crowned.

Notable monarchs Edit



  • Calanthe Fiona Rianon, Queen of Cintra and of Skellige through marriage with Eist Tuirseach
  • Birna Bran, Queen through marriage with Bran an Tuirseach, after his death self-styled Queen Mother

After the death of Konung Bran Edit

Ruler of Skellige - Cerys
Ruler of Skellige - Svanrige

After the death of Bran of Clan Tuirseach in 1270s[15], several children of jarls are trying to take the throne doing various heroic deeds to show off their qualities. The list of possible canditates included Otrygg an Hindar of Clan Heymaey, Blueboy Lugos of Clan Drummond, Halbjorn of Clan Dimun, as well as Cerys and Hjalmar of Clan an Craite. After a bloody massacre only three candidates remain:

Ruler of Skellige - Hjalmar
If Geralt chooses to help Cerys than she reveals who was behind the plot to murder canditates and is crowned. If Geralt helps Hjalmar, he kills the remaining vildkaarls, washes the name of his family and is crowned. In case that Geralt did not interfere then Svanrige becomes new monarch, defeats Nilfgaard and reforms the Isles into an absolute monarchy.
Significant plot details end here.

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