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Kolgrim was a witcher of the Viper School tasked with finding lost weapon diagrams that once belonged to his order. Eventually, Kolgrim managed to find the diagrams, but ran into unexpected problems on his way back to the school´s keep.

Biography Edit

In a small village in White Orchard, where Kolgrim intended to stay for one night before leaving the place again, he was suspected to have kidnapped Vitty, the son of the local beekeeper. These accusations proved false in the end, however, the peasants forced Kolgrim to visit the local lordling, Sir Ignatius Verrieres, at the Amavet Fortress.

Kolgrim decided to demand a trial by ordeal instead of being judged depending on the lordling´s goodwill which should later be revealed to be a tragically wrong decision. His trial by ordeal was to cleanse the local crypt/cemetery from the spirits residing in it.

White Orchard Story Edit

Geralt can listen in on a conversation between two women doing laundry near White Orchard. One of the women's grandmother told her of how a local smith's boy had went missing. The villagers immediately suspected a witcher who was hunting nearby at the time and tried to capture him. The witcher was resistant to the villagers and clashed a short while before one of the villagers beheaded him. Soon after the witcher's tragic death it was discovered that the missing boy was killed and eaten by a drowner; the witcher was completely innocent. His body was then buried in the local crypt. Upon locating the crypt Geralt discovers witcher's decapitated body with his skull in his lap, as well as a sword diagram and a journal where he learns of his identity: he is Kolgrim from the Viper School.

Kolgrim´s interrogation Edit

Kolgrim´s interrogation report and postmortal addendum to the report.

Read the report here. Interrogation report

Kolgrim´s last written document Edit

Kolgrim´s last written output, intended to be a letter to the Viper School. The letter was never sent.

Read the letter here: Letter from witcher kolgrim

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