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King of the Crypt is one of nine optional trophy quests. This quest is obtained by killing Ozzrel, a nasty alghoul haunting the crypt in the Outskirts. The Royal huntsman is offering a reward. Only one trophy quest, The Beast of the Sewers, is not optional, making a total of ten.

Walkthrough Edit

Trophy Ozzrel

After he finishes the quest to earn Mikul's trust, Geralt remembers that the Royal huntsman had mentioned a particularly nasty creature in the crypt. Strange, a few ghouls are not that nasty. So he decides to pay a second visit to the crypt.

As Mikul had mentioned earlier, some of the guards had taken it upon themselves to do a little grave-robbing, fully expecting to find some treasure there. Their excavations have conveniently removed the boulders previously blocking the nether regions of the crypt, but their bodies, strewn along the floor are a testament to the futility of their mission.

The witcher decides to explore the rest of the crypt. Besides a few more ghouls, he finally encounters an alghoul named Ozzrel. Now this is a nasty creature. It is a tough battle, but our hero prevails as we knew he could, takes the head of the monster as a trophy and heads off to see the huntsman for the promised reward.

Notes Edit

  • Depending on your game experience or your level of difficulty this might be a very tough enemy. He is very resistant to knockdown/stun attempts, hits very hard and has loads of hitpoints.
  • Swallow and Necrophage Oil, not to mention Willow are a great help here.
  • Remember that you can carry only one trophy at a time, in case you have not turned in the other trophy. You do not need to have the Alghoul entry in your Bestiary to complete this quest; you may simply not be able to acquire certain ingredients from the kill if you do not.
  • By using hit-and-run tactics with the Igni sign (plus an optional Tawny Owl potion), you will be able to take down Ozzrel after a while, without putting yourself in harm's way, although this is far from the only strategy

Phases Edit

King of the Crypt Edit

Royal Huntsman and claim my reward. I need to get this trophy to the Royal Huntsman and claim my reward.

A Trophy Edit

I gave the trophy to the Royal Huntsman and he gave me my reward. The Royal Huntsman rewarded me for that trophy. (200 Items Oren + 1000 XP)

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