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Kikimore workers are resourceful, cautious, and as industrious as ants. It is hard to believe that these spider-like creatures have so few admirers willing to observe and emulate them. Perhaps this is because researchers and collectors of insects seldom return from expeditions to kikimore colonies, and thus never disseminate their findings about these splendid creatures.

Journal Bestiary Entry Edit

"Kikimores are an insult to the gods, the filthiest creatures on Earth. They are repulsive in their resemblance to spiders, and even the smallest of them, the workers, are dangerous.' So say the uneducated, superstitious and stupid. The truth is far different!
Kikimore workers rarely appear near human settlements, and even then they only attack when threatened. Is there anything more beautiful than a kikimore — a symbol of hard work, resourcefulness and caution?

Location Edit

Source Edit

Notes Edit

  • Kikimore workers are repeatedly referred to as being shy and only aggressive if induced. In game, they certainly do a very good impression of being openly hostile to everything.
  • Their remains will not contain kikimore claws until you have this bestiary entry.
  • In the Prologue, Lambert claims the Strong Style is best to use against "kikimores", but the conversation does not result in a Bestiary entry.
  • The kikimore workers may attack the inhabitants of the Brickmakers' village. Even in daylight.

Gallery Edit

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