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Kikimore warriors defend workers and their queen from intruders. They are very dutiful in this, killing anything that comes near the colony. Luckily, their territory is easily recognized as it is devoid of all animal life and littered with skeletons picked clean. Keep your eyes open when exploring the swamp!

Journal Bestiary Entry Edit

"A more abominable beast is indeed hard to find. Not quite a cockroach nor a spider, it makes ladies faint and gentlemen feel disgusted. The kikimore warrior reeks of the swamp. For this reason, I insist that exhibit no. 88 be removed from the university assembly hall. And anticipating the question "what should be done with it then?", I answer: throw it to the compost heap.
From a request submitted to the president of Oxenfurt University"

Location Edit

Source Edit

  • In Chapter III, Geralt can speak with a neutral (blue) Armored Guardsman (north of Town Hall entrance or next to Triss' house) near the Guard Knight in the Trade Quarter who will tell him of a terrible spider-like monster. The conversation unlocks Kikimore Warriors, Tracheae, and Venom Glands. At other times, Armored Guardsmen will tell him of Kikimore Workers for a Bestiary entry or fleders, but the fleder conversation does not give their Bestiary entry.
  • The Wonderful World of Insectoids

Notes Edit

  • In the Prologue, Lambert claims the Strong Style is best to use against "kikimores", but the conversation does not result in a Bestiary entry.
  • True to their description, the kikimore warriors will engage drowners, drowned deads, bloedzuigers and others in battle on sight, not just Geralt.

Gallery Edit

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