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Trade in Kerack by Anna Komárková (from czech issue of Season of Storms)

The small, but rather important, port city of Kerack is situated at the mouth of the Adalatte river. Since the beginning of 13th century, it has been capital of minor kingdom by the same name[1]. Latter likely during early years of 14th century was kingdom divided between kingdoms of Verden and Cidaris and city was anexed to second named[2].

Districts Edit

On the right bank Edit

  • Palmyra area - schacks and sheds of poor and toilers, houses and stalls of hucksters, slaughterhouses and shambles, a large number of pothouses, taverns and whorehouses coming to life after dark. It is easy to lose your purse or get a knife in the ribs.

On the left bank Edit

  • harbor district - port complex, docks, industrial and commercial center containing shipyard, workshops, processing plants, warehouses and stores, markets and bazaars
  • Upper Kerack - the city proper, walled by palisade of thick logs. Quarter of narrow streets between the houses of rich merchants and financiers, factories, banks, pawnshops, cobbler and tailor shops, stores and shops, inns and entertainment venues. Centre of quarter is quadrangular market square, where town hall, theater, court, custom house and hauses of elite are placed. In the middle of market square there is a statue of Osmyk as the "founder" of the city, even though it existed long before he sojourned here Gods knows from where.
    • villa district, with terraces over a cliff, near the sea and royal palace; seat of the most influential persons, including Lytta Neyd

Places Edit

  • The lighthouse - renovated relic of elven times standing on the edge of the headland, built of white and red bricks;
  • A roadstead protected by the headland and a breakwater
  • Castle and royal palace - former temple located on a hill near Upper Kerack, rebuilt and expanded after the departure of priests, with a campanile and monastery garden;
  • Bridge spanning the river, connecting Palmyra with the surroundings of the city proper;
  • Guardhouse - the only way to get to Upper Kerack;
  • Spicy Marketplace, main street of the city;
  • Natura Rerum auberge - rich tavern in Upper Kerack;
  • Crab and Garfish, inn in Palmyra

People Edit

Royal family Edit

Other Edit

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References Edit

  1. Seasson of Storms
  2. Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi (fictional book from saga)

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