Kerack was one of the minor Northern Kingdoms around the 13th century, but by the 16th the kingdom had dwindled due to a combination of its inept rulers and the ruling line dying out to the point its lands were annexed by its neighbors.

It was located between Cidaris, which is to the north, Verden to the south, and Brokilon to the east.


After monopolizing sea trade in the area, former pirate and bandit leader Osmyk, declared himself king in this land. Because no one wanted this piece of land, there were no protests from Cidaris, Verden, or Temeria.

Later this land was ruled by Osmyk's son Belohun. Osmyk had four other sons, but all of them renounced the right to the throne. Reportedly, one of them even did so willingly. After a coup d'etat Belohun's first-born son Viraxas became king. During his reign he shared a hatred for the dryads of Brokilon with Verden king, Ervyll.

In the middle of the city there is a statue of Osmyk identifying him as the city's "founder," even though it existed long before he was born.

In the times of Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi this small realm was already divided and conquered by its neighbors. The capital became part of Cidaris.

During the invasion of the Northern Realms by the Nilfgaardian Empire, Kerack sent most of its garrison to fight them on the front lines. However, this left their defenses weakened and prone to raids by clans of Skellige.

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COA Kerack var2

First coat of arms were designed based on the description in the Season of Storms novel. For a different take on the coat of arms, we have Mboro's concept.

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Flag Kerack var1

First flag is pennon of Kerackish fleet.

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